Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a passport to get into The Bahamas?

Yes! Passports are required to enter The Bahamas. If you are running behind and need a passport within 72 hours call (1877)487-2778. Follow the prompts to make an appointment with the regional office.  Please note that rush fees can be costly and so can wait times.  We strongly advise that you do not wait.


What airport do I fly into?

The airport code is NAS (Nassau, Bahamas)


What currency is used in The Bahamas?

Bahamians use both the American and Bahamian dollar interchangeably.  The Bahamian dollar is 1:1 with the American dollar, thus you do not have to worry about exchange rates and can use your American money.

You should inform your bank that you are traveling outside of the country to alleviate any challenges when trying to use your debit or credit cards.


How far is Paradise Island from Nassau?

Paradise Island is just a bridge ride away from Nassau.  The bridge takes about 3 minutes to cross via car (unless there is traffic).


How much does it cost to get from the airport to the hotel on Paradise Island?

Taxis (regular car or van) cost $35 for 1-2 people and each additional person is $3 each. Please note that most taxis in Nassau only accept cash.


How long is the drive from the airport to the hotel on Paradise Island?

The drive to  Paradise Island is about 25 minutes from the airport.


What’s the attire for the wedding events?

Thursday and Friday events are casual/summer cute

Saturday, the attire for the wedding is formal . Please note that traditional Bahamian weddings are very formal.

Women: This means floor length or dressy tea length.

Men: This means suit and tie or a tuxedo.


What if I don’t book my accommodations at Comfort Suites or Atlantis where the buses are being picking up guests?

Unfortunately, our buses for the wedding will only pick up and drop off at these two wedding hotels, listed above.  You will need to ensure that you are at Comfort Suites or Atlantis Coral Towers for the pick up times.


What happens if I’m running late and miss the bus to one of the events?

We strongly advise that you do not miss the bus, but we understand things happen. Please note that taxis in Nassau are extremely costly and only take cash...and nope Uber hasn’t arrived yet!  Both hotels have a lot of taxis right outside that you can use.   Below you will find directions to the welcome party at the Chipman residence and information to tell the taxi about the ceremony.

Directions to Hubert and Roxanne Chipman’s residence: Winton Heights

East Bay St. (Eastern Rd.) to right turn onto Winton Highway

Then right turn onto Culbert’s Hill

Left turn onto Broadfields Rd.

5th House on left #16

Yellow with white trim

Have the taxi driver call 242-357-4324 or 242-324-5679 or 242-457-1153 if you get lost.

Ceremony details to tell taxi driver:

St. Anselm’s Roman Catholic Church on Bernard Road by Fox Hill.  


Will there be air conditioning at the wedding?

Yes! Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.  Island breeze is amazing but sometimes AC can be even better.  Both hotels are equipped with air conditioned rooms.  The church for the ceremony and ballroom for the reception are also both air conditioned.

What language is spoken in The Bahamas?

English is spoken.


What about Zika?

As many of you know, the Zika virus is present in the Caribbean. If you are pregnant, we want you to know that we love you dearly, but we recommend you do not come to the wedding to ensure the protection of you and your baby. If you are planning to get pregnant, the CDC provides helpful guidance on the precautions to take (plan to wait at least 8 weeks after the wedding to conceive). CDC Advice


Cell Phone Charges?

As a reminder, to avoid unnecessary charges, turn off your phone's cellular data when you land in The Bahamas or purchase international data plan for the month.


Is it safe to leave Paradise Island?

There has been a recent spike in crime.  Please check with your hotel concierge before venturing off  Paradise Island.


What restaurant do we absolutely have to try before leaving?

Alaina’s all time favorite restaurant is called The Poop Deck on East Bay Street.  She has now converted David into a fan after their many visits together!  This restaurant serves authentic Bahamian food and the drinks are nice and strong.  It overlooks the harbor on the water and is directly across the water from Paradise Island.  You can take a 5 minute  taxi from Paradise Island there and the taxi will pick you back up.